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Happenings 2009


It's been a busy beginning to July with Nancie's Birthday which we celebrated in St. Jacobs and dined outside on the patio at Jonathon's Inn. 

Had the triplets over for a swim and some sun. They loved the new floating pods that we picked up and then they dried off in the sun and devoured a snack of fresh fruit. Poor kids have never eaten junk food. Never been to a fast food outlet or snacked on chocolate bars or pop.

The Backyard is blooming and it is such a peaceful and relaxing place to hang out with family and friends and we are out there rain or shine.



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Grandma's Joy
Simple pleasures are the greatest joys. A warm hand, a smile, a touch
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Otis' First Trip to Springridge
We took a trip up to Springridge farms to visit Farmer John
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Backyard Beauty
A lot of work and time finally is paying off
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Skye & Chris and Baby
Married, pregnant, it' s a Boy and more ..
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Springridge Farms June 2009
Skye and Otis came to town for a wonderful visit and over the course of a fun filled busy week we had the opportunity to visit Springridge Farms.

Springridge is a wonderful place for kids, adults and grandparents alike to visit. The barn is a fantastic place to shop for trinkets and gift.

The smell of freshly baked strawberry tarts and home made pies with hot coffee is enough to make your mouth water the moment you step inside.

Farmer John has been a warm friend for as long as I can remember. My mother had worked at this farm way back in the late 60's and early 70's. It has surely changed since then when the primary focus was fresh and frozen cherries.

The Farm now is a local treasure that hosts birthday parties, large bus loads of school kids from the city and shoppers from all over Ontario.

Huge strawberry patches with over 6 varieties provide bounty from early spring to mid summer and early fall and all sold at the barn or pick your own.

Farmer John has watched us grow up, our kids grow up and now our first grandchild and he had the biggest smile on his face holding Otis!

Farmer John took us on a wagon ride up the fields to the edge of the escarpment near the newly created lookout from which you can see the CN tower in Toronto, down over Burlington Airpark and west towards the Burlington Bay and Mount Nemo.

We saw the nesting Canada Geese and the Vultures floating on the breeze off Rattlesnake point.

Otis was fascinated by the Chickens and Goats as well as the beautiful peacocks and was all smiles when he got to "drive" a tractor and play with the sand box toys.

After the girls took Otis through the corn maze and we browsed in the barn. So much enjoyment in such a short time.

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