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These are a few pictures of Ashley's new place.


Ashley's Place

First apartment
After having enjoyed working at the Fairmont in Lake Louise for 10 months and then out to sea for two 6 months stints on a Carnival Cruise ship, Ashley has decided to put down some roots in Vancouver.

Blank Slate
With nothing but a few suit cases and a very good sister and future brother-in-law she was successful in obtaining a job and an apartment in a two week time frame.

With a little help
A few trips to Ikea, Canadian Tire, Linen's & Things and of course grocery store she managed to get herself setup.

Thank you Skye and Chris
Although the timing was not ideal, you put forth wonderful effort and patience in helping Ashley get set up. We thank you very much!

I think the coffee table is pretty funky and maybe you should not paint it

More to come

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