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Dixie Landings
A place where we have had many great vacations. Used to be called Alligator Bayou a cajun inspired resort hotel.
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Carnival Cruise "Sensation"
Spent Christmas on board with Ashley
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Jeep Tour
We took the Grand Bahamas Nature Tour
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Atlantis Resort
An amazing vacation spot for everyone
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Map of Alligator Bayou (Dixie Landings) in Port Orleans

We liked staying around Building 16 or 17 near the pool and parking lot close by.


Florida First 2007
We flew to Florida early in the morning and had the pleasure of seeing the sun come up on the horizon as we flew south.

Dixie Landings
Having been there before with the kids on many occasions we decided to spend a couple of days there by ourselves and rest and relax. Much needed from all the hectic weeks before. The first day there we sat in front of the pool while conversing with the plumber and landscape contractor back home who were finishing up all they could before the Christmas holiday season began.

Carnival Cruise Ship
We had scheduled to spend Christmas on board the Sensation with Ashley for Christmas and were welcomed aboard as special guests by the first officer. We were the first onboard and had a tour of the ship before the rest of the passengers boarded.

First Stop Freeport
We took the jeep tour and have to say that it was a great time, lots of fun, and we got to see the dolphins, the beaches and a ton of sites.

What a beautiful place to stroll about. We took a walking tour of Atlantis and were amazed at the fantastic grounds, casino and of course the largest Aquarium we have ever seen.

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