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Christmas 2007

Christmas Slide Show

Dony Family Christmas Tree
A family gathering, a tribute to the Dony family and relatives.
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Christmas 2007
We finally got grass put down and the decorations up outside just in time for snow and cold.

And lots of snow there was. Enough to create three big snowman made by the kids across the street.

We settled in Christmas Eve with Grandma and Ashley and watched "Santa Claus The Movie"

Christmas wouldn't be the same without some form of tradition ... egg nog and spiced rum, cookies and treats from Pauline and a whole lot of snow to make it feel like Christmas.

And, of course the most important tradition of all ... Christmas Pajama's opened in unison from opposite sides of the Country.



Christmas Family Gathering
We had the opportunity to host "The Dony Family Christmas Tree". A gathering of relatives from both sides of the family who feasted on Turkey dinner and pumpkin pie.

It was a great opportunity to get together with family that we had not seen in many years. It is amazing how fast time fly's and how grown up the children are becoming.



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