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Birthday 2007

Happy Birthday Ashley and Congratulations, we had a great time sharing your special day.


Happy Birthday Ashley
We had the opportunity to share Ashley's special day. We had cranked up the heat on the swimming pool to 85 degrees !(Steamy warm as you can see! in November)

Yup, we took the chance and used real glasses to enjoy early morning coffee in the pool.

We took Grandma with us to the Casino in Niagara Falls. (Only the pennie and nickel machines of course!).

Later we drove past the falls, the Christmas light displays which are already up and had a fun dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe.

I know, I know ... Ashley is too old for the old stand up for the candle lit cake but this was worth it and kinda fun too

The "Sparkling VOLCANOOOOOO!!!

After dark we walked over to the Giant Ferris Wheel and oh yes, just in order to frighten the heck out of Dad we just HAD to go through the Haunted Mansion .... NEVER AGAIN!!!!



More to come

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